LaFin Consultancy: Strategic Real Estate Analytics for Investors and Social Housing Companies

LaFin, based in Utrecht since its inception in 2013, operates as a focused consultancy firm within the real estate investment market. Catering to clients in both the institutional investment and Social Housing sectors, LaFin is led by Maarten Ende, an experienced real estate analyst and consultant. Ende’s expertise, rooted in Econometrics, is bolstered by over twenty years in the field, ensuring clients receive in-depth and effective quantitative analysis to enhance their real estate portfolios.

LaFin’s service offerings are custom-designed to address the specific needs of its clients. For real estate investment managers, the firm provides thorough portfolio and risk analysis, detailed investment calculations, and leverages advanced data science techniques. These services are complemented by the implementation of specialized software solutions tailored for various organizational needs.

In partnership with Virtus Asset Management, LaFin also engages in the social housing sector. Together, they provide “Complex Prestatie Analyses” (CPAs) to social housing companies (SHCs), aimed at aligning real estate portfolios with strategic objectives. This collaboration has successfully served over 10 SHCs, demonstrating LaFin’s ability to deliver practical and effective consulting services.

Before launching LaFin, Maarten Ende gained valuable experience in business development, research, and IT implementation at Bouwfonds REIM. His work there included developing quantitative risk analyses and risk simulation models, showcasing a deep understanding of the real estate market’s complexities.

LaFin stands as a firm that combines extensive analytical skills with a solid track record, delivering tailored solutions and insights to a diverse range of clients in the real estate sector.